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About Freedom High School
Freedom High School (FHS) is a fully online, private, asynchronous secondary school offering high-quality Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses to students all over the world. We are inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and authorized to grant OSSD credits (BSID #886198). Our mission is to provide students with access to affordable, high-quality online education.

Studying online doesn’t mean that students are studying alone. Our Ontario Certified Teachers are always available to assist students and work with them live through video chat and instant messaging. Through our advanced online learning environment, we strive to create an online community where students engage with one another just like a traditional classroom.

By obtaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma through Freedom High School, students can apply directly to universities in North America and around the world.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Freedom High School’s courses are available to all students, whether they live in Ontario, other parts of Canada, or any other country.
For students who are taking one or more courses at FHS while attending full time at another Ontario high school, a midterm and final report card is issued for all students according to the course schedule and are communicated with the student's home school.
For students who wish to take all their courses online with FHS, an Ontario Student Record (OSR) request will be sent to student's last home-school requesting for a transfer of their Ontario Student Record. For all students who are under 18 years of age, the consent of parents/guardian is required for all academic decisions.

International students that are not physically in Canada can enroll in courses at FHS without having a valid study permit. FHS grants OSSD credits towards the student’s Ontario high school diploma.

FHS supports all learners including English Language Learners (ELL) and students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Our fee for each course is $499.

There are no additional mandatory fees for your courses. All of the resources required to complete your course are included.

For courses that include a proctored final exam, students will need to arrange a proctor that must be approved by FHS (using our Proctor Approval Form). The form contains the instructions and requirements about who can act as a proctor and must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the exam. Upon approval of the proctor, the exam along the corresponding password will be emailed to the proctor.

Each course is designed to have 110 instructional hours with a breakdown detailed in each course outline. FHS requires students to complete each course within 6 months of the start date, after which time the student will be unenrolled. Students have the freedom to choose the pace at which they complete the course.
Students must log in at least 3 times per week to be considered “present” and must do so until they have completed the course.
Students may extend their course by one month for $50 and by six months for $150

A prerequisite course is one that a student must complete before taking the next level of the subject. Prerequisite requirements are listed in each course’s outline in accordance with Ministry of Education policy.
Students will need to provide evidence of having the prerequisite when they register for the course (if the student has not taken the prerequisite at FHS). Access to the course will not be granted until the student provides appropriate supporting documentation. If a student has taken a similar course, the student may request a prerequisite waiver by completing our Prerequisite Waiver Form.

FHS has Ontario Certified Teachers for all of our courses. Students can communicate with teachers directly through our online learning platform to ask questions. Teachers will also make themselves available for live sessions, upon request, in which students can use virtual collaboration tools such as a digital whiteboard.

Yes, FHS can send your marks directly to your day school for them to transmit to OUAC. Please contact the guidance coordinator with any questions.

No; all credits earned through Freedom High School have the same value as a credit earned in any other Ontario school. Please contact the guidance coordinator with any questions.

For regular day school students transferring from home-schooling, a non-inspected private school, or a school outside Ontario, the FHS Principal will grant equivalency credits for placement purposes through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process. Determining equivalency involves the assessment of the student credentials from other jurisdictions, as shown on their transcripts and/or report cards. The fee for an equivalent credit assessment is $75. Please contact the guidance coordinator with any questions.

A mature student is a student who is at least eighteen years of age on or before December 31 of the school year in which he or she registers in an Ontario secondary school program; who was not enrolled as a regular day school student for a period of at least one school year immediately preceding his or her registration in a secondary school program (for mature students, a school year is a period of no less than ten consecutive months immediately preceding the student’s return to school); and who is enrolled in a secondary program for the purpose of obtaining an OSSD.

Because of the broader life experience of mature students, the requirements concerning the application of PLAR procedures are different for them than for regular day school students. The principal will determine the number of credits, including compulsory credits, that a mature student needs in order to meet the credit requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). At the discretion of the principal, up to 16 Grade 9 and 10 equivalency credits may be granted to a mature student following an individual assessment.

Mature students may earn 10 of the 14 remaining Grade 11 and 12s needed to meet diploma requirements in one of two ways:
  • they may present education and/or training credentials for assessment through the equivalency process; or
  • they may take the course.

Mature students must earn a minimum of 4 Grade 11 and 12 credits by taking the course at a secondary school. Mature students who have previously accumulated 26 or more credits towards the diploma must successfully complete the required number of courses to bring their total number of credits up to 30 before they will be eligible to receive the OSSD. Mature students working towards the OSSD under OS/OSS must also satisfy the diploma requirements with regard to the provincial secondary school literacy requirement. Principals will determine the number of hours of community involvement activities that a mature student will have to complete (40 Hours).

Our registration is open all year round, students can register for their courses and start anytime.

Student register online through FHS’s website by:
1. Selecting their courses.
2. Completing the payment for the course fees.
3. Entering the information in the online registration form.
Students will typically receive their login credentials by email within 48 hours of a successful registration.

Yes, students from other provinces or countries can take courses at Freedom High School. Upon completion of the course, FHS will provide a final report card. Students from other countries do not require a study permit to take courses at FHS if they are not physically in Canada

FHS does not issue refunds once the registration process has been completed. Our administrative team will have already completed many steps including creating the student’s account in our technology systems and registering student information with the Ministry of Education. We expect that students take their education seriously and have made a firm decision to take our courses.
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